Your Rails app works well
but its tests need work...

We do the work.

We Test Rails.


Your company depends on a Rails app. The app works great. You know this because users are swooning and business is booming. You also know you ought to be writing tests to protect your software’s quality and future growth. What you don’t know is where to start…


For a fixed price, We Test Rails gets your test suite up and running, sets up a strong foundation of tests for you to build upon, and gives you peace of mind about the long-term quality of your Rails app.


We Test Rails Foundation Test Suite
Get test coverage to help guard against mission critical bugs with payment, registration, and other features important to your business.
Limited availability.
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Payment & Checkout Test Coverage
 Tests focusing on your most critical customer checkout pages.
Ensure your Rails app continues to accept payments bug-free.
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Flaky Test Rescue Support Call
Every time a flaky test fails and needs re-running, your developers lose momentum and the business loses money. Take control and stamp out problem tests for good. Boost your developers effectiveness.
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Startup or Bootstrapper needing help?
Ask your question about testing Rails. We'll try to help you out and your question might be featured on the We Test Rails blog.